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Many Aquarius are interested in politics too, and will either run for office or support a candidate. To be clear, Aquarius works with large groups and becomes a leader to create a movement, such as to save the coral reef, protect the rain forest, or help women faced with domestic violence, among a myriad of other possible social urgencies that need to be addressed.

In contrast, your following sign, Pisces, prefers to help others on a personal one-on-one basis, such as to stop by the apartment of the elderly lady upstairs to help her open jars before running off to work. As an Aquarius, you are usually so far ahead of the curve that you see solutions clearly that others fail to see, even with deep thinking.

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It may take time for the people you are trying to convince to catch up with you, as your ideas may at first be quite foreign—even odd—to their ears. As you come up with many workable, practical answers to questions that have eluded others, you may sometimes make others feel inadequate. As your star rises, you become a target of criticism by those who were embarrassed by not having seen the problem quickly enough and who have failed to come up with the same solutions that are so obvious to you.

The greater the adulation you receive, the more jealousy you may face.

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Your desire to help others is always strong, so let the knowledge that you are doing great work to help society be your true reward. Money and prestige do not attract you as a prime motivator, as you are not materialistic, and you do not allow money to lead your decisions. In your style of dress, you are as individual as you appear in other phase of life.

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These eclipses will focus on your day-to-day work life, for the first will light your sixth house of work assignments and personnel who work for you or co-workers who work side by side to you. The second eclipse will expose anyone who has been doing any underhanded political maneuvering, if there is such a person in your department.

That eclipse will light your house of secrets. These two eclipses will also focus on your health. It would be a great idea to have routine checkups now and in July.

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Have all the screenings you know you should but have not gotten around to yet. I will give you great detail about the eclipses next month, but suffice to say, this will be your productive month, and next month will be a time to stop, look, and listen.

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To be clear, these eclipses will not affect your reputation or standing in your industry, but more of the details of how you go about getting things done both at home and at work. Scroll down and you will see it on the lower-left side. If you have my app, this same essay is on the premium version of the app, an in-app purchase. Once you download it, you can get my daily forecasts along with my full, uncut monthly forecasts, too.